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Catalyst, Sky AdSmart Campaign

Using persona research to build a creative TV advert campaign for Catalyst.

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How we helped

Catalyst asked us to devise a campaign to target first-time buyers as part of a brand awareness campaign. The creative team came up with the campaign theme: Time for a Place of Your Own.

The Media team defined the target audience as being a mixture of London and Home County-based first-time buyers and second steppers. Further demographic and mosaic data was layered on top of this.

The research and persona profiling enabled us to create a relatable character to appeal to our defined audience within the campaign. Our video department then set about finding and creating both the character and their previous homes. Over two days and three locations we filmed the advert and its two alternate endings.

We then edited and packaged the ads up into their different versions. The video centred around the Sky AdSmart campaign, which was part of a full campaign used across Catalyst New Homes’ social media channels and social PPC.

What was achieved

The nature of Sky AdSmart meant we were able to produce two videos with alternate endings, each one tailored for a different demographic. Depending on where in the country you were viewing the advert, you’d either see our protagonist end up in a Catalyst London flat or a Catalyst house in the Home Counties.

Ultimately the campaign ran with great success with us recording record results.

Social Results

154,707 people reached
777,002 impressions with 594,728 video plays
1,872 clicks

Sky AdSmart Results

33% month on month increase in web visits
36.77% month on month increase in goals
7.92% month on month increase in leads
27 8 visits and 37 sales in the month of January 2021
Return on ad spend: 24583.08%