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Branding & Strategy

We specialise in creating and elevating brands that resonate with your target audience. Whether you need help with brand development and launch, crafting an immersive brand experience, or developing a comprehensive 360 campaign strategy, we’ve got you covered.

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Our goal is to create a brand experience that resonates with your target audience, wherever they are, in the ways that they like to engage. By using our media, expertise and insight from the beginning, we’re able to create an optimised and customer-centric brand strategy that guides the entire creative process that follows. Using an informed approach helps up shape brand development and direction, craft the visual identity, establish tone of voice and deploy successful promotional campaigns across a range of marketing channels.

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Brand Development

At Focus, we’re here to help you build your brand. Through creativity, intelligence and commitment, we help our clients cut through the noise of their competition to stand out in their respective markets.

Our data-driven approach gives us insights which we use to help inform our creative decisions and generate award-winning creative brand design across print, digital, video and interior design.

We’ll ensure your brand resonates positively with customers through compelling application, consistent tone of voice, and engaging interactions at every step of the customer journey This creates a 360 brand experience that your customers will resonate with and return to.

Colour and bright Email marketing campaign showcasing one of Countryside Partnerships new developments

Campaign Development

Using our cross-agency expertise and experience enables us to deliver meaningful and impactful campaign activity for our clients.

Whether you need short-term tactical incentives, or long-term brand building activities, our talented team of experts define the strategy, creatively bring campaign intentions to life, and effectively deploy the campaign across an omnichannel approach.

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We harness the expertise and skills of our team to offer placemaking proposals and strategies from creative, financial and operational viewpoints.

We produce creatively-led and insightful placemaking initiatives for client projects on large regeneration schemes that involve numerous stakeholders including local councils, architects, construction teams and developers.

Taking a holistic approach enables us to create long-lasting strategies that incorporate community-driven projects, creative assets and on-site physical spaces to enhance customer experiences.

A marketing suite with people looking at a large 3D model of The River Thames and the structures that run along it

Meanwhile Strategy

As part of our design concept process, we immerse ourselves in the local area and communities of all the spaces, locations and developments we work on; this enables us to identify opportunities for meanwhile spaces.

Meanwhile spaces are temporary spaces which can be occupied by charities, social enterprises and businesses during the construction phase of a development. These spaces bring life, culture, activity and people to a locale.

We offer feasibility studies, meanwhile space strategies, and designs and proposals for our clients to offer ideas on how to best utilise unoccupied spaces at their developments.

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