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We’re here to help you take your customer experience to the next level. We can help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to customer engagement, enhance your online presence or create interactive in-person experiences. Our solutions utilise innovative tools, including advanced digital interfaces with smart speaker options and eco-friendly pods to create immersive customer experiences.

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Furniture Packs

Our experienced, in-house interior design team works alongside John Lewis to curate themed furniture packs from the latest collections available. These are then offered to developers as either Show Home or View Unit solutions for their sales environments. Alternatively, the same furniture packages can be used by investors or operators as a valuable customer incentive to engage prospective buyers.

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Our digisuite™ application gives developers an opportunity to deliver customer service excellence. It allows them to engage prospective buyers earlier and facilitate a more personalised sales experience at any point through their overall customer journey. Offering this simple and user-friendly sales tool to customers, means they have the ability to browse independently at their own leisure, or alongside additional marketing tools on-site, within the sales environment.

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The FocusPOD™ is redefining traditional marketing suite options and offers developers a striking, technology-ready temporary solution. The modular system offers greater flexibility in layout, catering for developer or operator needs whilst ensuring a great customer experience is achievable within the same space.

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