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Media Buying & Strategy

Experts in media planning and buying, we’re dedicated to helping innovative brands and direct response campaigns achieve maximum impact across online and offline platforms. With extensive media landscape knowledge, we design bespoke strategies that reach your target audience and drive conversions.

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Captivating your audience at the right time, with the right messaging, in an increasingly digital world can be quite the challenge. Luckily, that’s where Focus comes in. As experts in media strategy and execution, we pride ourselves on connecting the dots to make things happen, thereby helping our partners achieve their marketing goals.

Media Strategy
& Data Architecture

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Media planning and strategy

Our bespoke media strategies are designed to address your customers’ unique needs and challenges.

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Research and analytical insight

Using the latest industry tools and resources, our insights provide data-driven solutions.

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Data setup, tracking and performance reporting

Through our real-time reporting dashboards, we’re able to quickly analyse data and make data-driven decisions to optimise performance.

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Budget forecasting, allocation and management

We work hard to maximise efficiencies and keep your marketing budget on track.

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Business intelligence and industry sector analysis

We leverage our market knowledge and valuable partnerships to provide business insights that inform strategic marketing campaigns.

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Call tracking setup and reporting

By tracking and reporting on all user activity, on both online and offline touchpoints, we provide a well-rounded understanding of the full user journey.

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GA4 setup and implantation

We’ll provide a comprehensive audit of your current analytics account and offer support to help you migrate to the new GA4 platform.

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End-to-end reporting

We can assist you in connecting media touchpoints to your CRM platforms, to help drive attribution for your lead-generation campaigns.

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Media Training
& In-house Onboarding

Our team of media experts can train your digital team or stakeholders on specific digital channels, providing the knowledge and skills needed to drive success. We can work with you to facilitate the transition of certain marketing functions in-house, and consult on the relevant processes and frameworks that need to be put in place.

Media Planning & Buying

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Paid search services

With our expertise in planning and managing Google Ads accounts, we’re able to continuously optimise your account to ensure it’s reaching its full potential. We can advise, enhance and run efficient campaigns that align with your goals. Our approach encompasses Search, Display, Video Ads, In-App Ads, Performance Max Campaigns, Remarketing and Google Shopping Campaigns.

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Paid social

We’ve developed a content-led strategy for paid social that is specifically tailored to the platform, the user and the usage context. We plan, manage and execute campaigns across all Meta placements, including evolving platforms like Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest, as well as niche or B2B channels like LinkedIn.

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Programmatic display advertising

Using cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies, we’re able to reach the relevant audiences across Digital Display, Native advertising, Digital Outdoor advertising, Connected TV advertising and Audio advertising. We prioritise brand safety and transparency with our partners, offering real-time reporting and insights to help them build their own benchmarks and scale their channel and campaign effectively.

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Out of home media

Digital out of home media is continuing to expand, offering unparalleled reach and scale. With flexible buying options, digital out of home media is a cost-effective media solution that should be incorporated into both brand and tactical sales-led campaigns.

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Direct mail

Direct mail, door drops and leaflets offer a targeted way to reach households or specific individuals. In doing so, key messages are put straight into the hands of the customer and are more likely to have a lasting impact.

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TV and Video on Demand advertising

TV remains the most effective channel for building brand reach and awareness. If you’re looking to grow your band, TV is the go-to channel to do so, offering unbeatable scale and national audience coverage. You no longer need big budgets for TV advertising, and opportunities for over-the-top connective TV planning are making it more achievable for brands to get on TV.

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Audio advertising

Over the past few years, the audio advertising landscape has rapidly evolved. This transformation has led to a surge in digital audio listening, including podcasts and other forms of online audio content, which is now cemented as a daily routine for many.

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Email marketing

Email marketing remains a vital channel for driving leads, generating high levels of engagement and actions taken from impactful messaging and creative. With the ability to cost-effectively reach targeted databases, email marketing is an influential tool for businesses looking to build brand loyalty and drive measurable results.

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Print advertising

Tapping into local and national print media is still a key component of a marketing strategy.

While the heyday of print advertising may have passed, it continues to play a pivotal role in the media mix as brands are able to reach readers across multiple formats.

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