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Data & Insights

Our approach involves developing a strategy that is underpinned by data and insights. We reply on expert data and persona profiling to inform our decision-making process, ensuring our strategies are tailored to specific brand needs and target audiences.

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We believe in developing strategies that are backed by data and insights. Relying on expert data analysis and persona profiling informs our decision-making process. This data-driven approach enables us to create strategies that deliver results and drive growth for our clients.

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Site Appraisal Report & Marketing Intelligence

During a tougher market, or if a client alerts us to a struggling development, we conduct in-depth reports to identify possible barriers that may be preventing sales. In doing so, we seek to address two common problems. The first problem we address is understanding why the site is not generating enquiries. If a site is generating enquiries, the second problem we must address is why those leads are not converting to sales.

Our reports cover site visits, where we look at signage, overall site presence, and the sales team and their techniques. Using data and affluence mapping tools, we then conduct a full marketing analysis to ensure our targeting is accurate. This ensures we are identifying areas where customers can afford to buy.

We also analyse the competition’s offering in detail before providing an in-depth proposal with recommendations to increase ‘hot’ leads.

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Persona Profiling

We utilise CACI data to analyse and identify profile groups, creating personas to represent different buyers who are likely to buy at specific developments. By gaining an understanding into their lifestyle choices, we can understand their needs, experiences and behaviours. We use this data-driven insight to create tailored marketing messaging that resonates with each buyer persona.

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Architectural Feasibility Design

We use powerful data tools to identify and forecast target audience profiles. By analysing this data, we can provide valuable insights to our in-house interior design team on the types of people who will be using these spaces.

Our approach combines desktop study, and local area and site visits to compile architectural and interior design feasibility reports. These reports help inform our clients of the opportunities and risks associated with their proposed projects and works, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their goals and objectives.

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