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Greystar Canvas, Influencer TikTok Campaign

Driving awareness of a student development in Coventry through a TikTok campaign in partnership with a creator.

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The Brief

We were approached by Greystar to plan and execute a TikTok campaign to drive awareness of Arundel House, a Canvas student development in Coventry. We were briefed to develop a number of concepts that capture the essence of the development as well as the surrounding area, whilst taking into account possible trends that would resonate with the target audience of students. These videos were to be used as a promoted TikTok campaign and also shared by the influencer.

The Strategy

We first researched the local area and development itself, looking at the amenities compared to other developments in the area as well as distances to local points of interest, including transport links. We found that Arundel House was perfectly located for city centre living with good links to the universities both in Coventry and Warwick. We also looked at current trends on TikTok that we could replicate as part of this campaign. We then pooled a selection of creators who were either university students or heading to university. We found several possible options and presented these to Greystar to select. Bilan Cali was selected, a TikTok creator with over 175k followers and a background in university and study advice, currently on her quest to find suitable accommodation for herself.

The Execution

With the requirements in the brief, we developed three ideas which we presented to Greystar:

  • A tour of the development and amenities featuring the influencer
  • A local area snapshot featuring the influencer
  • A trend-led piece showing how you can decorate your university room

We planned an extensive shoot, working in partnership with Greystar and the on-site team. Our team captured the content and delivered the edits utilising royalty-free music for use in a paid campaign. We also briefed Bilan to create her own video to be shared organically on her TikTok feed.

The videos achieved a good response from both the paid campaign and through Bilan’s activation which gained over 13,000 organic views and 600 engagements, including 37 saves and 17 shares, a notable metric which shows the video has been of key interest as people wish to refer back to it or share with someone who it may be of interest to.

Influencer Results


Bilan’s day-in-the-life video at Arundel House gained over 13k views, along with over 500 likes, 12 comments, 18 shares, and 37 saves. These numbers indicate active engagement and genuine interest in the accommodation. The video achieved an engagement rate of 4.3%, which is consistent with the platform’s average. The majority of viewers (75%) fell within the target audience of 18-24-year-olds, and the comments received were positive. Overall, the video successfully reached its intended audience, generated high engagement, and received favourable feedback.

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