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Front room of a property that uses a bright and colourful decor

Taylor Wimpey, Octavia, TikTok Campaign

A Tik Tok campaign for Taylor Wimpey’s Octavia development.

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How we helped

We collaborated with Taylor Wimpey to create their very first TikTok campaign. The goal was to increase awareness of one of their newest developments, Octavia, located in Whetstone, North London.

Through our innovative and strategic approach, we were able to craft a TikTok-first creative that not only stood out among traditional branded concepts, but also delivered impressive results. The campaign successfully reached a large and engaged audience, driving conversions and interest.

The brief

We were asked to support Taylor Wimpey with their first TikTok campaign. The objective of the campaign was to drive awareness to Octavia, a new development in North London.


The strategy

As Taylor Wimpey had not previously run a campaign on TikTok, it was crucial that we utilised a test-and-learn approach. To ensure campaign success, we had to take a unique approach to the creative, ensuring the adverts were aligned with the platform and audience.

We understand that users engage with platforms like TikTok as a means of escape, so we wanted to ensure the adverts felt natural and organic, seamlessly blending into users’ feeds. In doing so, we were able to increase engagement and drive interest to Octavia.

We developed multiple creative concepts that we A/B tested to determine which resonated best with the audience. We wanted to optimise this campaign’s performance while ensuring these learnings could be applied to future campaigns.

Our creative included:

  • A flythrough tour of the show homes
  • A guided tour of the show home with the Sales Manager
  • A Sales Manager pointing out the unique selling points of the development
  • A lifestyle tour of the development, giving a perspective view of what life is like living at Octavia
  • A local area/transport overview

Our Social Media team directed the videos, which were then captured in high-resolution 9:16 format by our Video team. To maintain the organic feel of TikTok, we edited the videos using TikTok fonts and minimal branding.

We also created the same concepts using the standard Taylor Wimpey branding which is utilised on other social media platforms. This enabled us to conduct further testing to determine which approach worked best for Taylor Wimpey, the branded concept, or the organic-first concept.

The execution

Time to TikTok was a huge success and delivered pleasing results that outperformed traditional branded concepts. The video, which highlighted the product’s unique selling points, drove 60 conversions and prompted one customer to visit the site after a family member saw the ad. As a direct result of this campaign, that customer has now reserved an apartment at Octavia.