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Elevating Simple Life Homes: A Multi-Channel Triumph in UK Rental Property Marketing

We partnered with Simple Life Homes, a leading provider of single homes for rent in the UK. Focused on brand awareness, our media strategy combined Search, Video, TikTok, and Retargeting, achieving remarkable results.

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The Brief

Faced with a dynamic UK housing sector, Simple Life Homes tasked us with amplifying brand awareness and supporting lower-funnel lead generation. Our challenge was to create a comprehensive strategy resonating with the evolving demands of the housing sector which has recently witnessed shifting dynamics in rental preferences.
With a focus on the evolving needs of potential renters, our task was not only to create awareness but also to influence the decision-making process, establishing Simple Life Homes as the go-to choice for modern, convenient, and aspirational rental living.

The Strategy & Execution

Our multi-channel strategy incorporated paid search to capture “build to rent” interest and align with the increasing demand for amenity-rich rental properties, reflecting the shifting attitudes towards property ownership and the increasing allure of convenient urban living. 

YouTube, standing as a cost-effective storytelling platform, played a pivotal role in engaging our target audience. By harnessing the platform’s capabilities, we delivered compelling content tailored to specific demographics, interests, and locations. This not only enhanced brand visibility but also fostered a connection with potential renters, reinforcing Simple Life Homes as the preferred choice for modern living.

Recognising the limitations posed by traditional channels, especially in targeting younger demographics interested in urban living, we strategically integrated TikTok. Leveraging its unique algorithmic approach, we tapped into the preferences of a younger demographic, particularly those aged 25 to 34, fostering increased engagement and visibility. This was especially crucial given the restrictions faced on platforms like Facebook and Instagram due to housing ad policies.

In the realm of programmatic display, innovation took center stage. We conducted extensive experiments with diverse targeting signals, paving the way for an optimised performance in the second half of the campaign. This phase allowed us to refine our approach, excluding non-performing placements, optimising for higher engagement, and providing insightful feedback on ad strength and creative elements. The programmatic display served as a dynamic tool, enabling us to adapt and refine our strategy for optimal results throughout the campaign.

The Results

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