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A widely versatile and effective modular solution for on-site, temporary sales environments.

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The FocusPOD™ redefines traditional marketing suite options and offers property developers a striking, technology-ready temporary solution. The modular system offers greater flexibility in layout, catering for developer or operator needs whilst ensuring a great customer experience is achievable within the same space.

Our selection of portable marketing suites for sale are more cost-effective than permanent sales offices. The FocusPOD™ Family is the ideal solution for time-sensitive build programmes as it can be built off-site. The FocusPOD™ Family can also be moved and re-used across different phases or sites without compromising on the finish.

There’s more to FocusPOD™

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The modular construction and engineering of the FocusPODallows it to be repositioned easily as build progresses. The logistics of multi-phase, long-term projects is an on-site challenge, so being able to minimise impact on construction plans and delivery teams is an advantage. 

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Cost efficiency

We know that flexibility is key; that’s why we offer monthly lease and finance options, so you can lease the FocusPOD™ over a period of time or own your FocusPOD™ by the end of your agreement.

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The FocusPODoffers opportunties for developers to reduce their impact on the environment. The reduction in CO2 within the construction process compared to conversion and reinstatement is significant, and reuse capabilities across future projects enhances those savings even further. 

Which FocusPOD™ is right for you?

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Looking for a sales environment solution that doesn’t impact your construction plans and on-site teams? The POD provides a more permanent option and is perfect for medium to large multi-phase developments. The POD can easily be repositioned across multi-phases with minimal impact on your project.

  • 12m x 6m
  • Can fit within a double garage space
  • Flexibility in its internal layout
  • External cladding finishes or a full vinyl wrap
Large marketing suite with wooden detailing and large floor to ceiling windows

FocusPOD™ Flexi

The POD Flexi is a game-changer in the world of off-plan early sales. It has a customisable design, meaning it can be configured in 2-storey stack or 2-storey wide so it can be built to your requirements. Whether it’s stacked, side by side, or with multiple units, the POD Flexi promises to have a lasting impact on your customers.

  • 12m x 6m
  • 2-storey stackable modular suite
  • Mock show area on the first floor
  • Prisma cladding system, aluminium glazing and doors
Large marketing suit located in front of a multistory building that is having construction work done to it

FocusPOD™ Wide

This innovative POD type features a flipped glazing element that extends along the wider, long edge, creating a completely different internal space layout. Standing at 3m high, the POD Wide offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more contemporary design, you can choose from a range of cladding options, including timber cladding, lit panels, or a Prisma finish to create the perfect project look.

  • 12m x 6m
  • Long glazing run to create intrigue
  • Flexibility in its internal layout
  • External cladding finishes or a full vinyl wrap
Marketing suite with a path that leads to a showcase house

FocusPOD™ Mini

If you’re looking for a solution that will help you get on-site early for off-plan sales, or database building and presence without affecting your construction plans, look no further. The POD Mini is perfect for small to medium-sized developments, making it perfect for short-term use up to 12 months, after which, it can be easily moved and re-used elsewhere.

  • 6m x 6m
  • 3m high with feature cladding
  • Can fit within a single or double driveway
  • Can be fully vinyl wrapped
marketing suite located at the bottom of a building that is having construction work done to it

FocusPOD™ Quik

The POD Quik is versatile, available in in a range of sizes from 3m x 6m up to 3m x 12, so it can be tailored to your exact needs, layout requirements and site. The POD Quik is reliable and can be delivered and installed in one day, so you can have it up and running in no time, ready to be open the following day.

  • 6m x 3m
  • Heigh ceilings internally
  • Can fit into tight positions on-site
  • Can be fully vinyl wrapped
Small cabin at the end of a garden

FocusPOD™ Garden

The POD Garden is the ultimate work-from-home outdoor office. Designed using our expertise and knowledge in modular building design, the POD Garden is the perfect addition to any home. A fully insulated outdoor space creates a comfortable working environment and comes as part of a customer’s home purchase.

  • Installation in one day
  • Flatpack, pre-finished insulated panels pre-manufactured off-site
  • Interior furniture pack available
  • Lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks (subject to order size)

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