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Countryside, Rochester Riverside, Branding and Pre-launch Campaign

Fresh print and digital collateral for Countryside’s landmark development Rochester Riverside.

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How we helped

Rochester Riverside is a £419m landmark regeneration project that is transforming a 50-acre brownfield site into a new riverside destination for the Rochester area. It will provide around 1,400 new homes for Medway. The work on site is underway and will take 12 years to complete.

Marketing activity to build database registrations started at the beginning of 2018. Working in partnership with media and PR agencies we were tasked to scope out all relevant opportunities to help attract interest to this development ahead of launch.

We produced all the creative for the initial development branding which then transferred to advertising (digital, offline and outdoor), marketing collateral (sales brochures) and the design and supply of graphics and video content for the fit-out of the marketing suite partnering with Focus’ Spaces team.

What was achieved

The first task was to drum up enough interest for the preview event that was held on Saturday 8th September 2018. To do this we utilised all mediums to attract registrations.

Our target was to achieve over 1,000 registrations prior to the preview event. This was achieved by 13th August, well ahead of the preview date, with 1,009 prospects on the database.

For the preview launch, marketing and media was stepped up utilising the following channels:

  • Paper advertising both locally and across London (Evening Standard and Metro)
  • Social media
  • E-shots to the database and portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove
  • Outdoor advertising / 48 sheets
  • Posters on the main train line from Rochester into London
  • Advans
  • 32,000 copy newspaper drop in Rochester covering the scope of the regeneration for the town along with incentives to purchase

The marketing activity saw the preview event generate 22 sales ahead of the main launch.

The main launch event was held over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th November 2018 from the marketing suite and dignitaries were invited to officially open the development. We followed the same marketing and media channels as we did for the preview event and pushed the ‘launching’ message, backed with available incentives. We also sent an invite to the database with an exclusive offer to entice them to attend. Our marketing continues across all media channels to date, along with tying in with local events at Rochester to help Countryside support the local community.