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Wallbrook Gardens, Social Media and Content

Building the Wallbrook Gardens social media presence through a fresh strategy and social-first content.

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The Brief

We were approached to establish a social media presence for a new rental development in Canning Town, for future management by an internal team once the development had launched. Their objective was to cultivate a sense of community and generate love for the local area, attracting potential renters. Another key focus was to promote the apartments themselves, specifications, and amenities at the development. 

The Strategy

Our strategy was centred around showcasing the lifestyle associated with living at Wallbrook Gardens. To achieve this, we implemented an approach that involved the creation of engaging and aspirational content, specifically tailored to captivate our target audience as they scrolled through their social media feeds. To ensure a cohesive and on-brand Instagram feed, our design team created stand-out templates to draw the eye and increase brand recognition. 

A crucial aspect of our strategy was to utilise Instagram Reels due to the Instagram algorithm at the time, pushing the format to an extended audience outside of the account’s current following. In order to do this, we organised dedicated shoot days for social media content creation, adhering to the strong content pillars put in place. Prioritising community growth, we proactively engaged with local businesses, content creators, and industry-specific accounts.


The Execution

The account quickly became a community for interior inspiration seekers, apartment hunters, and aspirational London lifestylers. Instagram Reel content varied from snappy, on-trend interior videos and apartment tours to lifestyle content exploring the local area from a resident’s perspective. This well-rounded content matrix effectively engaged all segments of the target audience. The primary focus was on individuals who were actively looking to rent in London, while also catering to a broader audience interested in lifestyle content. 

The Instagram grid, with its aesthetically curated and thought-out posts, played a pivotal role in creating an on-brand social media presence for Wallbrook Gardens. Each post was carefully selected to ensure a pleasing visual arrangement, where every post complemented the others. As a result, the Instagram account transformed into a captivating and glossy representation for the Wallbrook Gardens brand. By enticing users to visit the account, it encouraged them to explore the apartments offered by Wallbrook Gardens.

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