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Notting Hill Genesis, The Kilnworks, Marketing Suite

A marketing suite for Notting Hill Genesis’ Kilnworks development.

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The Kiln Works


Notting Hill Genesis


Limehouse, London

Date of completion

January 2020

How we helped

We were briefed by Notting Hill Genesis to turn a ground floor one-bedroom apartment into a stylish and inviting marketing suite. The suite needed to be reflective of the industrial heritage of the area being based in Limehouse and link with the branding identity created by the creative team.

We also needed to consider the external approach and impact of the suite and how to make it visible and welcoming to potential customers due to being situated down a street away from the main road, on the ground floor of a show apartment. We were tasked with fitting in a sales area and welcoming breakout space.

What was achieved

We carefully thought about what the customer would see as soon as they entered the suite which was the apartment kitchen. We dressed this with specific styling items to give a homely feel and to create a barista-style area where customers felt comfortable to help themselves to a drink.

We then focused on the sales area, a functional black desk with green velour chairs linked with the branding and a concrete effect wallpaper with a fret cut metallic logo which gave a nod to the industrial area giving the perfect backdrop to the sales space.

We then transformed what would be the master bedroom of the apartment into a relaxing breakout space for customers to explore brochures and gather their thoughts. A feature green velvet sofa linked with the customer chairs and the key branding colour, along with yellow cushions and a faux tan leather feature chair that suited the industrial vibe. A green painted feature wall and black & white mounted gallery style wall showcased imagery from the development with a rolling content screen.

We also dressed the other areas in the space including the hallway with radiator covers, imagery and vintage style floor lamp and planters.