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St John’s Way, Marketing Suite

The groundwork, build, design, installation and landscaping of the marketing suite at Peabody’s St John’s Way development.

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St John’s Way




Wandsworth, London

Date of completion

March 2016

How we helped

The St John’s Way, Clapham Junction development is located in a regeneration of a 1930s existing Peabody estate.

The new development consisted of 528 homes and both Focus Spaces and Creative teams were commissioned to not only create the brand for St John’s Way but also work with them to design and build the marketing suite. For this project we completed the groundwork, build, design, installation and landscaping.

What was achieved

Once the Focus Creative team had designed the logo, brand colours and ethos, we were able to step in and begin work on the customer journey, technology and interior design of the suite. Initially, we were met with some complications as the site was located next to a railway line and high voltage power cables but these were swiftly overcome.

We decided on a timber build structure that contained 3D lift and learn technology, interactive touch screens, touch tablets and digital signage.

The state-of-the-art technology was complemented by a pared-back, monochrome colour palette with a distinctly Scandinavian edge, all of which paid tribute to the St John’s Way branding.

Our interior designers sourced some statement wallpaper for the office space, in the form of a large scale map of southwest London that spanned the left-hand wall of the office and allowed customers to understand the local area.