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Telford, Sky Villas, Brand Refresh and Campaign

A beautiful brochure to showcase the luxury Sky Villas in Telford Homes’ luxurious City North development.

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How we helped

Upon receipt of existing branding for their City North development, we were tasked by Telford Homes to refresh the look and feel of their existing brand, as well as creating a sub-brand to market their high price point duplex and penthouse apartments in Finsbury Park. This included visiting the development to get a feel for the local area, researching the demographics and creating personas off the back of this to dictate our creative and strategy.

It soon became apparent that our key target audience were those of ‘lavish lifestyle’ and ‘rising prosperity’; single professionals living comfortably in lively, urban locations, which led us to develop our key persona of ‘High Flying Holly’, along with others. We then went on to explore the types of brands that these personas were likely to interact with, enabling us to further understand our audience before developing our designs for the development.

What was achieved

Once the necessary steps were taken to fully understand our target audience, we then passed this on to our design team, where 3 campaign concepts were created for the existing City North branding as well as two design concepts for the sub-brand of the Sky Villas apartments. The team created various brochure spreads, press advert designs, emailers, as well as overseas investor marketing collateral and promotional merchandise to present in a presentation format to Telford Homes.

The preferred designs were chosen and the full collateral was then rolled out. Printed to a high specification, and with a unique flip turn centre spread to separate the lifestyle messaging from the floorplan information, the Sky Villas brochure achieved a luxurious and sophisticated feel.