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Gleeson Homes, Media Campaign

Our partnership with Gleeson Homes commenced in June 2020 and after our initial scoping exercise, our first priority was to drive down the average cost per leads (CPLs) from the core digital media efforts.

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How we helped

The brief

Our partnership with Gleeson Homes commenced in June 2020 and after our initial scoping exercise, our first priority was to drive down the average cost per leads (CPLs) from the core digital media efforts.

Gleeson Homes had reported the CPLs achieved from their Google Paid Search and Paid Social were often higher than they expected and this was an area for our immediate attention. Gleeson Homes also made it clear that they wanted a media strategy that was considerate of their status as a larger developer brand and opportunities to deliver economies of scale.

The strategy

To drive down the CPLs, we decided to do two things:

  1. Undertake an audit of analytics platforms to ensure the basic digital hygiene measures in terms of tracking and measurement were in place and configured correctly.
  2. Discover new ways to drive down the CPLs through auditing targeting (keyword and locations).

Our experience of onboarding other brands had demonstrated that higher CPLs can often be a result of poor tracking hygiene as much as the optimisation that goes into the daily management of the digital campaigns. We, therefore, started there and then moved onto auditing the targeting.

The tactics

Our Data Manager allocated two days to undertake a full audit of the Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA) for the Gleeson Homes website, looking for any errors that could be causing issues in the reporting of leads from the digital media activities. This process included the auditing of the goals themselves and the tracking pixels that measured those goals within the GTM.

Once the GTM audit was concluded, we then moved to auditing the digital media account set-up and how we could better target the ads and drive down the CPLs.

The execution

In addition to checking the keywords and ad copy, we also created new town/area composite campaigns. Our research on the geographical footprint of developments showed that there were several towns where there were two or more Gleeson Homes developments. It, therefore, made total sense to promote these developments together, not only maximising economies of scale but also presenting Gleeson Homes with the kudos of being a well-established brand that was investing in those areas.

This strategy resulted in us creating 14 town composite campaigns (across both Paid Search and Paid Social) with our recommendation to deploy these ads in place of site-specific ads.

What the client had to say

“Nothing is ever too much trouble and Focus are always one step ahead. Always forthcoming with suggestions and improvements for our marketing activity, and constantly monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns to ensure we are spending effectively in the right places targeting the right people.”

3,505 Leads Generated

Our decision to switch on area composite campaigns across Paid Search and Paid Social also delivered instant success. In the first 6 months of us working with Gleeson Homes, the area composite ads generated 3,505 leads (that represents about 35% of all leads).

60% CPL Decrease

The combination of a well-considered onboarding plan, coupled with a clear focus on the ideation of a strategy that enabled us to mine maximum efficiencies from the volume of sites Gleeson Homes has, culminated in us achieving a historic low CPL in the 6-month period to 31st December 2020.

1 Fixed Pixel

Our audit of the GTM and GA resulted in us fixing a broken tracking pixel on the Enquire Now button. Data within GA showed that this had been faulty for at least six months and once fixed we saw an immediate increase in tracked conversions. We were now able to understand the whole analytics story!