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Gleeson Homes, Brand Refresh & Repositioning

Brand refresh and repositioning for Gleeson Homes.


The Brief

Gleeson Homes required a redefined proposition to appeal to a broader audience due to the changing market conditions. Historically, Gleeson Homes’ customers had been heavily made up of first time buyers on lower incomes. However, due to the end of the Help to Buy scheme and high interest rates on mortgages there was a need to appeal to a broader audience. We were asked to help reposition Gleeson Homes, uncovering different ways in which we could support them in having a broader appeal.

The Strategy

We began by examining the new audiences that Gleeson needed to appeal to, broadly speaking existing homeowners and downsizers – we found that they are often more discerning and do not have the same urgency in needing to move.

Previously, the emphasis had always been on product, price and location – all of which remain key factors in the decision to buy a home, however we felt to appeal to a more discerning audience we also needed to tap into the emotive nature of buying a home.

Additionally, we were open with the Gleeson team that any changes needed to be reflected across the business, including site presentation, customer service and aftercare. We could not promote ourselves to a more discerning audience without elevating the full customer experience otherwise the work would not have the desired impact.

The Execution

We worked on Gleeson Homes branding and messaging to reach new audiences with a look they would find appealing and a message that would resonate with them. Small changes to the colour palette and font helped to bring a more sophisticated look and feel to the Gleeson Homes brand. A new brand proposition for Gleeson Homes, ‘Right where you belong’ was developed, which has become their new strap-line for all customer facing communications.

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