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Fresh, Winfield Court, Styling Student Accommodation

Dressing student accommodation to showcase the offering at Winfield Court.

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The Brief

We were tasked with dressing the marketing suite and a cluster bedroom at Winfield Court in Nottingham. The separate studio kitchenette also served as the manager’s office and reception area to welcome potential students.

This site was once home to the Boots Drug Company back in 1887 and was originally known as the British and American Botanic Establishment. Boots grew from a small herbalist’s store to the successful company it is today. Recognising the history and heritage of The Island Quarter, it was essential for us to incorporate elements of this history through our styling and palette.

The Strategy

With the heritage of the site being so important to the site, we introduced the earthy brown tones and rusts to represent the old apothecary jars, the warm greens play on the botanical and more natural background, and the monochromatic tones add contrast and edge. We introduced apothecary toiletries, glass storage jars, botanical diffusers, and natural materials such as cork and linens to soften the space.


The Execution

We carefully designed the studio to create an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and quirky. We achieved this by incorporating sculptural accessories and adding pops of colour throughout the space. With close attention to detail, we have included periodic table-themed stationary and painting accessories. These elements not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also serve a purpose in promoting local university courses. By appealing to potential students in a fun and memorable way, we hope to create a lasting impression and generate interest towards the student accommodation at Winfield Court.

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