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Bringing Catalyst’s customers a more engaging buying experience through digisuite™.

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Bringing Catalyst’s customers a more engaging buying experience through digisuite™.

The Lanes was a recently launched Catalyst development. As part of the design, build and fit-out of The POD marketing suite by the Spaces team, we tailored our digisuite™ web app to be displayed on a tablet for prospecting customers to explore the development further. The Lanes app would act as a digital hub for the development, with the ability to explore the local area and discover the available properties all at the tap of a finger.

As Focus Agency Group was already managing the rest of Catalyst’s marketing for The Lanes, digisuite™ was the perfect addition to the marketing collateral and wove in seamlessly with the rest of the touchpoints in the customer journey.

This is one of the key strengths of digisuite™, as it offers the customer familiarity and consistency between their on-site and off-site experiences.

What was achieved

Using digisuite™, we custom-built The Lanes app to include features that matched the expectations of Catalyst’s target audience. Fully branded for The Lanes, the app gives users the ability to browse a wealth of information about the development. The local area page displays a map with points of interest and amenities that are situated in close proximity to The Lanes. This stylised map matches the development branding, is interactive and has the ability to filter the points by category, for example, shops, hospitality, transport and education.

The interactive site plan is a crucial element of the app. Easily updated by a CMS; the site plan gives live plot availability meaning that there’s complete transparency around which homes are still available. The site plan is colour coded, so it is clear which homes are available, reserved, sold or coming soon.

Each home has been individually plotted on the site plan, allowing the user to choose a home and browse all the information about that specific plot, including floor plans, CGI galleries and prices.

To promote a smooth customer journey, there is a filter feature on the site plan, meaning customers can set parameters to show homes in their desired price bracket or with a preferred number of bedrooms. In addition to this, digisuite also includes a plot comparison tool, whereby users can choose plots to compare side by side, by price, dimensions, layout and imagery, and view the difference between each home without having to switch between multiple plot pages.

The app is now a vital part of the marketing suite and with remote support from our Focus team, is a reliable addition to the sales team’s collateral.

What the client had to say…

“The benefits of digisuite™ are already being seen on-site, with customers engaging with the content and exploring The Lanes in a whole new realm. Custom built for our sales team, the app has everything our customers need to browse the development.

The live availability has proven invaluable and thanks to the straightforward CMS everything is easily updatable. The app has been such a hit that we’re currently rolling it out into our other marketing suites.” – Andrew Fuller, Area Sales Manager