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Catalyst, Newman Place, POD Wide Design

A sales solution for Catalyst, Newman Place.

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How we helped

Catalyst approached us wanting a stand-alone sales solution for their site in the Oxford countryside. With the show homes not being ready for some time, we needed to incorporate a mock area to showcase the quality of specification available at the development as part of the design of the building and the marketing suite. As early on-site presence was key, we opted for our POD wide – the latest in our family of modular marketing suites. Customer experience was crucial, so our POD allowed for all the familiarities we’ve come to expect in a marketing suite as well as advanced technology and a complete branded experience.

What was achieved

Using the width of the POD wide to our advantage, we divided the space into different zoned areas to accommodate each stage of the customer journey.  

Upon entering the suite, visitors are greeted with the discovery area, which housed our interactive system digisuite – custom-built for the Newman Place development. Once customers have explored the development through the interactive screens, they can then see the high spec in real life via the mock-up kitchen and bathroom area at the end of the suite. Catalyst customers enjoy the ability to personalise their homes by selecting their own combination of flooring and tile finishes. To allow creative customisation, we installed a peg wall where buyers can combine different finishes and place them side by side to visualise what they might look like in their new home.

The final two zones in the suite are the breakout and sales areas. A custom curved sofa offered visitors a place to relax with a refreshment. The more formal sales area is tucked in the back corner of the suite with copious amounts of storage and everything the Catalyst sales team need.

All of these zones were decorated and dressed in the beautiful tones from the branding, with sophisticated lighting and finishes to add a touch of luxury and comfort.

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