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Tilia Homes, Forget Festive Stress Campaign

Forget Festive Stress was a strategic marketing initiative aimed at promoting Tilia Homes’ range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. The campaign was launched across social media platforms, allowing Tilia Homes to engage with a broad range of potential customers.

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The main objectives of this campaign were:

  • To engage with local communities.
  • To highlight the benefits of buying a new home with Tilia Homes.

The messaging was positioned to appeal to young couples and families, highlighting the need for space and comfort in the home.

The strategy

The strategy was to position the brand as the perfect solution to the problem of small living spaces. A key, creative iteration of the campaign was to ask people if they were fed up of being cold in their current home, suggesting that Tilia Homes could “break the ice” and offer them a perfect new home in a growing community.

Another key aspect of the campaign was the use of programmatic display placements and social media platforms. By launching the campaign on Boxing Day, Tilia Homes was able to leverage the festive season to create a sense of urgency and excitement around the prospect of owning a new home. Messaging was strategically positioned to encourage people to forget the stress of the festive period and focus on their own needs for space and comfort.

Tilia homes 'Forget Festive Stress' campaign page

The execution

Using social media and programmatic display placements, Tilia Homes was able to target specific audiences, ensuring the campaign reached the right people at the right time.

The success of the campaign is evidenced by engagement generated on social media. It raised a significant amount of interest and engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with users sharing the messaging and expressing interest in Tilia Homes’ spacious new homes.

Tilia Homes also leveraged the power of video and launched a minute-long video campaign. The creative messaging highlighted the dedication of the Tilia Homes team in building dream homes for their customers.