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Gleeson Homes, Brand Awareness Campaign

Encompassing composite campaigns for Gleeson Homes.

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How we helped

We proposed composite paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and generate more leads for Gleeson Homes developments.

The brief

Gleeson Homes wanted to address their social media audience. This campaign had two primary objectives:

  • Increase awareness
  • Generate more leads for its developments
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The strategy

To increase brand awareness, the campaign needed to increase Gleeson Homes’ visibility and recognition among its target audience.

With this increased awareness, the aim was to drive more traffic to Gleeson Homes’ website and generate more leads for its developments.

The strategy involved analysing target audiences and researching market trends to create buyer personas and effective ad content.

The execution

We started by analysing Gleeson Homes’ target audience to create composite buyer personas. We then conducted research on the latest housing market trends and best practices for creating engaging ad copy and visuals. Based on our research, we recommended creating regional composite campaigns that consisted of:

Custom audience targeting
We used Facebook and Instagram’s custom audience targeting feature to target potential buyers based on their interests, behaviour and demographics.

Creative ad copy
We created ad copy that was concise, clear and engaging. We used action-oriented language and highlighted the benefits of purchasing a Gleeson Homes’ home.

Compelling visuals
We used high-quality images and videos that showcased Gleeson Homes’ properties and highlighted their unique features.

A/B testing
We tested different ad formats, copy, and visuals to identify which ones resonated the most with the target audience.