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Crimestoppers, Electoral Fraud Campaign

Helping people recognise what electoral fraud is, with the key message being “Your Vote is Yours and Yours Alone” throughout the PPC Electoral Fraud campaign.

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How we helped

With this campaign, we had to be mindful not to make the wider public think that electoral fraud is a bigger issue than it actually is and help to create a false concern around a crime that, while serious, is not widespread.

Crimestoppers briefed us to:

  • Raise awareness of electoral fraud in specific areas around the UK
  • Highlight the mechanisms available to report it
  • Explain the various types of electoral fraud to the public
  • Increase information reported through Crimestoppers around electoral fraud

We planned to help people recognise what electoral fraud is, to ensure they are not a victim and for them to know how to report an attempt to steal or influence their or another person’s vote.

Key objectives were:

  • Find high profile target locations for the campaign targeting
  • Use PPC channels to show our target audiences the different types of electoral fraud
  • Take care with the campaign messaging and how it is targeted to the audiences
  • Make sure the target audience know that voting is personal, it’s private, that their vote belongs to them, that is should not be stolen and that it should reflect their opinion, not someone else’s

What was achieved?

We worked with Crimestoppers’ campaign key message; “Your Vote is Yours and Yours Alone” and the branding creative they provided. The messaging needed to be positive and proactive giving the public the feeling that their voice is being heard and that their vote is their right.

Top-line Statistics

  • 12,586,630 impressions across Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter PPC Advertising
  • 21,999 total clicks from all PPC channels
  • £0.48 average Cost Per Click


Google AdWords Display provided 10,257,789 impressions and 5,428 clicks from our chosen and agreed website placements.

The PPC campaigns which were running on Facebook achieved over 2,000,000 impressions and 6,500+ link clicks, which gave us an average Cost Per Link Click of £0.55.