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Countryside, DASH, From Loaning to Owning Campaign

A new take on ‘why rent when you can buy’ to reinvigorate messaging at Countryside’s DASH development.

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How we helped

Countryside required a campaign to target renters and advertise that buying your first home could be cheaper than continuing to rent. Rather than saying “why rent when you can buy?” which is the usual route taken, Countryside wanted something fresh to really grab the audience’s interest.

As we were focusing the creative on a younger audience, our expert designers wanted to make a fun, eye-catching campaign and thus Loaning to Owning was created.

Countryside loved the campaign, especially how it lent itself to a video edit.


What was achieved

A vibrant, playful campaign which worked across all media. The eye-catching video created was used across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; it generated lots of interest and was the top-performing digital campaign for the development, Dash.