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A couple stood in the kitchen laughing together while the women is cooking

Tilia Homes, Lifestyle Videos

Capturing a library of footage to highlight the space, functionality and adaptability of a Tilia Homes home.

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How we helped

We were tasked with capturing a comprehensive library of footage that would highlight the space, functionality and adaptability of a Tilia Homes home. The footage, along with the photography we captured, would be used across various assets and future campaigns. The goal was to effectively showcase the features of a Tilia home and its potential to meet the needs of different buyers across different stages of life.

A group of people visitng one of their firends at her house, two of the friends are hugging

The brief

Our task was to produce a series of videos that highlighted the benefits of a Tilia home, from a young couple securing their first family home, and the enjoyment of hosting friends, to the demands of a busy family life. The goal was to illustrate how the homes could adapt to changing lifestyles while providing comfort and convenience.

A mother reading a bed time story to her son in his bed

The strategy

The approach was to showcase the key features of the homes. We wanted to draw attention to the selling points of the homes and emphasise the open-plan aspect of certain rooms, as this creates a welcoming atmosphere perfect for hosting and socialising with friends and family.

We also wanted to demonstrate the functionality of the homes and how each room could be utilised to suit the needs of the buyer. We highlighted the flexible living spaces, adapted to suit changing needs, and rooms that could be used as a home office for those working from home.

The execution

Based on the client’s brief, we created a detailed storyboard and shot list to ensure every shot was carefully planned and executed.

To ensure the videos were captured, we used a multi-camera approach to capture every angle and detail of the shoot. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we captured the highest possible quality footage.

During the post-production phase, the footage for each video was expertly edited to create impactful final videos which the client could use across assets for future campaigns. We also added supplementary graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the videos.

Our client then used portions of these videos to showcase their homes at developments across the country.

A smiling couple stood in front of their homing holding their dog
A sausage dog stood in a doorway next to his owners feet
A woman in her bedroom putting makeup on in front of a large mirror
A women sat on an armchair in her modern living room cuddling her dog
A happy couple cuddling on the sofa drinking hot chocolate
A couple chatting sat in their garden that is full of plants and bushes
Two children sat with each other in a bedroom reading a children's book about dinosaurs
A couple visiting their friend at her home and gifting her a plant
A smiling family with young children sat on a bed talking
A young couple sat on the sofa looking at a magazine while their child plays with his toys in front of them
A mother and son on a bed playing with a stuffed animal tiger toy