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Peabody, The Scene, Marketing Suite

Design of the marketing suite at Peabody’s The Scene development.

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The Scene




Amersham Vale, London

Date of completion

March 2020

How we helped

We were briefed to design an agile sales & marketing suite that provided a practical selling space that stood out from competitor schemes, and resonated amongst the target demographic; adding value to the customer journey for prospective buyers.

With the marketing suite due to open in Autumn 2020, we had to take into consideration the government social distancing guidelines in place at the time. Our designers had to ensure they created a safe space for visitors, whilst still optimising their experience.

What was achieved

Using the cool and creative branding to influence the colourway and feel of the space we wanted to ensure an impact when customers arrived. A living wall behind the interactive screen was signposted by a neon sign encouraging visitors to explore the development and all of its amazing features.

A breakout space was used to create an informal setting for customers to take in all the literature and enjoy a refreshment. This space was dressed with soft furnishings in the brand colourway including the subway tiling in a cool mint shade.

Branded wall graphics ensured familiarity when entering the space and replicated the marketing collateral that customers were likely to have already experienced, ensuring a smooth customer experience. We also canvas wrapped one of the walls in a stylised map to showcase all the local amenities in the vicinity.