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The Mortgage Centres, Social Media

Bringing The Mortgage Centres’ social media to life through informative content.

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How we helped

We were tasked with showcasing the services and industry knowledge that The Mortgage Centres provide through their organic social media channels. Our aim was to make these social media channels a resource where customers could find the information they need to better inform their home buying process. Using creative content formats and a bespoke social media strategy, we were able to strengthen their brand identity and bring their social media platforms to life.

What was achieved

We started by setting up social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as these platforms were aligned with their target customer audience. Through these channels, we built up and maintained an engaged following and increased brand awareness for The Mortgage Centres. With a specific hashtag strategy in place and the use of engaging content, we were able to accelerate the range of The Mortgage Centres’ social media output – reaching new audiences and potential customers.

Through newer formats such as IGTV and Instagram Lives, we showcased The Mortgage Centres’ expertise beyond the limitations of 60 seconds by incorporating live Q&A sessions with industry specialists and tips and tricks to help home buyers save for a mortgage deposit.