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Abri Homes, Shackleton Heights, Marketing Suite & Show Home

Designing and styling the marketing suite and show home at Abri Homes’ Shackleton Heights development.

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Shackleton Heights


Abri Homes


Lockleaze, Bristol

Date of completion

November 2022

How we helped

Abri Homes approached us with a fantastic opportunity to design and style their marketing suite and show home at their Shackleton Heights development located in the town of Lockleaze, Bristol.

Being inspired by the local area and the colour of Abri’s Branding, our aim was to create a homely interior that tells the story of the city as well as Abri Homes.

We were looking to make the space stand out from competitors by creating a memorable customer experience by taking inspiration and subtly injecting it into the sales environment.

What was achieved

We decided on an eye-catching palette and wallpaper finish but soft styling to still make the place feel homely. Each bedroom represented a particular attraction in Bristol. The office, with the mural wallpaper along with the yellow furniture is designed around the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

The second bedroom is based around the harbourside with deep blue furniture inspired by the wallpaper and Abri’s branding. For our feature styling pieces we supported a small business that created unique reclaimed sets of ores in worn black and white colours which complimented the room’s interior perfectly.

Within the master bedroom we wanted to showcase the artistic side of Bristol. The wallpaper, which reminded us of the graffiti style found around the city, combined with the linear wood cladding as a feature headboard injected a sense of luxury to the room.

For the children’s bedroom we used a house shaped bed with lion bedding and bespoke animal handles to represent the animals found in Bristol’s Zoo. As a bespoke feature piece one of our designers hand painted a bespoke mural as a reflection of the city. This room will be sure to capture the hearts of the little home hunters.

What the client had to say

“Once again it has been a pleasure working with the team at Focus.

We love that they are a company who understand our requirements and can complete all the design and fulfilment work for our show homes and marketing suites, it has made the process stress free and enjoyable!” – Stuart Hensby, Sales & Marketing Associate Director