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Sanctuary, Southfields, digisuite™

Creating an interactive solution at Southfields marketing suite through digisuite™.

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The Brief


To provide create an interactive sales tool as the centrepiece of the marketing suite (designed and delivered by Spaces). The tool should be able to showcase existing digital assets, such as development videos and floorplans.

The Execution

We have developed a custom digisuite™ specifically for Southfields. The digisuite™ is presented on a 75-inch touchscreen in the marketing suite, providing the sales team with easy access to all the necessary information. Additionally, there is a tablet available in the kitchen area for customers to use the digisuite™ while exploring the show home or having a conversation with the sales team.



The digisuite™ offers a range of features, including:

  • A development siteplan that displays live plot availability.
  • An interactive location page that showcases local amenities, including routes with distance and travel time from the development.
  • A comparison tool that allows users to view two homes side by side, comparing floorplans and dimensions.
  • Customers have the option to email their favorite plots to themselves.
  • A gallery and video gallery to showcase additional media content.

For Southfields, we have made specific enhancements to the plot page layout, placing greater emphasis on the floorplan. Additionally, we have incorporated a video screensaver that displays the development video when the digisuite™ is not in use.