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Peabody, City Angel, Sales Office

The sales office at Peabody, City Angel development.



City Angel




Islington, London

Date of completion

July 2023

How we helped

We were approached to design a luxurious sales suite at City Angel, EC1 that will showcase the available product, elevate Peabody’s overall offering, and resonate amongst the target demographic; adding value to the customer journey for prospective buyers in an interactive sales space.

What was achieved

We took our inspiration from the Peabody 250 City Angel branding palette, which combines bold yellow tones with monochrome accents to create a cool and contemporary sales environment. Taking the linear lines from the sunburst logo, we introduced sleek furniture alongside vertical wall beading to help add interest to the walls. As the sales space sits within an apartment type, spacial planning was key to fitting all components into a compact room. We cleverly zoned the space to create a formal sales work area, a relaxed lounge and an interactive/discovery area using freestanding decorative partitions without obstructing the space.