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Peabody, City Angel, Show Apartment

The show apartments at Peabody, City Angel development.



City Angel




Islington, London

Date of completion

July 2023

How we helped

We were approached to design two luxurious shared ownership show homes at City Angel. Our brief was to showcase the available product, elevate Peabody’s overall offering, and resonate amongst the target demographic; adding value to the customer journey for prospective buyers. We were tasked to design and dress the interiors in a sleek and sophisticated style, adding a touch of personality whilst presenting two unique palettes.

What was achieved

Inspired by the City Angel branding, we created a rich and luxurious interior that oozes sophistication. Modern textures such as bouclé fabrics and distressed wallpapers have been introduced alongside black metals and brass accents to add a contemporary edge. Rich accent colours such as mustard and teal add that pop of dramatic colour in creating an aspirational and desirable home for buyers.

To create differentiation between the two show apartments, we worked with a warm sage and rusty orange palette to offset the monochrome features. We kept the walls soft and light, but played with shapes through subtle fluting details, curved furniture, and abstract patterns to add personality. To the bedroom we introduced statement lighting to frame the bed, and bold pops of orange created a contemporary feel.