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Legal & General Affordable Homes, East River Wharf, digisuite™

Bringing Legal & General’s customers a more engaging buying experience through digisuite™.

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The Brief


To create an interactive solution at the heart of the marketing suite. The solution should be low cost, user friendly and allow the sales team to help customers find their perfect home. The scheme will have a virtual launch and then an on-site launch – digisuite™ needs to play a key role in both.

The Execution

Legal and General were our first clients to take advantage of our new subscription model, keeping costs low and ensuring their digisuite™ is always at the cutting edge of technology. Their first incremental update will be in early 2024 with the implementation of AI. We delivered a digisuite™ for East River Wharf, which is presented on the 50” touchscreen in the marketing suite. The screen was positioned with the sales team and customers firmly in mind. The area has comfortable seating and enough room to gather around the screen.


This was an exciting digisuite™ for us to develop, as we’ve added new functionality and redesigned several key elements to include fresh styling and improve the user journey. This is our first digisuite™ to include a dynamic affordability calculator, so that customers can see how achievable home ownership can be. The digisuite™ also features a revamped menu layout to give the platform more of an app-like feel. The Location page has undergone a major redesign, making it much easier to select from a list of local points of interest and see more information about each one.

Key features:

  • 2D interactive site plan that highlights select points of interest close to the scheme.
  • Our Homes with dynamic filtering to allow potential customers to search for their perfect home.
  • Detailed floor plates, allowing the sales team and customers to explore each floor and get a view of availability and the number of bedrooms.
  • Compare, which gives you the option to view 2 homes side by side; compare floor plans, dimensions, and rooms.
  • Favourites QR code: the customer scans the QR code and their favorite homes are accessible on their mobile.
  • Affordability Calculators: we created two calculators. The first is a generic calculator that allows customers to see their affordability. The second is a plot-specific calculator that shows customers the affordability for the plot they’ve selected.
  • Custom Location page with the look matched to brand guidelines, train API, walking & driving times, and custom POIs.