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EHAAT, North Weald Visitor Centre

Designing and building a new visitor centre in North Weald for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

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North Weald Hanger


Essex & Herts Air Ambulance


North Weald

Date of completion

October 2022

How we helped

We were honoured to have been involved with the design and build of the new and pioneering North Weald Visitor Centre.

The amazing charity EHAAT required a new and improved space to showcase the amazing self-funded services they offer helping to educate the public in the many ways in which they can help the charity to raise vital funds, and they came to us to help.

We wanted to create a space on brand and with the rawness of what they do very much in the fore, with the primary objective being to help educate and be a venue to bring the public of all ages attending tours of up to 20 people.

What was achieved

Inspiration for the space was taken from the hanger design itself using industrial materials and finishes.

A blueprint of the internal helicopter to scale sits in the centre with a recessed LED light outline, and a custom-made stretcher unit. Surrounding the space on the perimeter walls consisted of a series of interactive elements including a custom discovery wall allowing the user to learn about the 999 call process.

Portrait screens featured in the space with educational games created by our Creative team allow the user to meet the team.


A 3D rotating wall also exhibited the history of EHAAT, featuring key moments within the organisation. We also had an area with Instagram frames giving people the opportunity to promote through social channels.

To make the space truly immersive, we worked with contractors to enable the M&E of the space to link, whereby the tour guide could hit a switch and enable the lights to dim down turning the helicopter LED outline red and the ceiling fan turn, then the large screen at the front plays a video to the centre. We also designed into the space an area where people could donate.

To find out more information about EHAAT and how you might be able to help click here.