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Bloor Homes, Winslow Park, Show Home

Designing and styling the show home at Winslow Park in Buckingham for Bloor Homes. 

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Winslow Park


Bloor Homes


Winslow, Buckingham

How we helped

We were approached by Bloor Homes to design and style their four bedroom show home at Winslow Park in Buckingham. With homes from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom, the objective was to connect with all buyers, regardless of age. We wanted to inspire buyers by emulating the aspirational lifestyle associated with living at Winslow Park through a personable show home. 

Drawing from its surroundings, the home encapsulates the essence of rural living. Contemporary, attainable furniture sits alongside elements of upcycled / charity shop styling and botanical references to create a welcoming home on a realistic budget. 

To capture that “lived in feel” we ensured that new was mixed with old, every corner included a nick-nack that reminded you of your childhood home and we considered sustainable purchasing where possible. Capturing childhood memories through home baking set’s ups and mixing traditional florals with modern stripes to create an aspirational home for buyers.


What was achieved

With a range of homes available, from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom, the objective was to connect with first-time buyers, regardless of age. We wanted to inspire buyers by emulating the aspirational lifestyle associated with living at Winslow Park through a personable show home with a lasting impression.

Taking cues from the picturesque local countryside alongside the latest interior trends, we developed a “granny chic” inspired space to replicate a lived-in feel, creating a modern and affordable show home for first-time buyers. The “granny chic” style sees young adults embracing the vintage look through upcycling and contrasting patterns which was a key thread throughout the design. We wanted to ensure we designed a beautiful space but also a space that related back to childhood memories or imagine the possibility of new memories you could create in the future with your own family. Capturing childhood memories through home baking set’s ups, remembering loved ones through old unique styling pieces and recognizable scents of previous homes. 

Strong shades of olive, pink and cobalt sit alongside rust, sky blue and mustard, allowing for a fun-filled, maximalist home bursting with personality and character. Contemporary, attainable furniture has been paired with graphic accessories, demonstrating how buyers  can put their stamp on their new home but also source from eco friendly routes, still creating something beautiful. 


“When working with our client on the lounge space, I wanted to make the room pop, ensure we created a wow factor but also create a space that is not the “traditional show home route”, it’s so easy to blend in these days. I wanted to remind people in a world full of beige and cream that they can be brave in their homes and show their personality, you don’t always have to follow current trends. Find your own influence and remember its your space to create memories” – Frankie Iannuzzi, Interim Head of Design 

By incorporating elements of local influence and contemporary design trends, we sought to inspire and captivate visitors, leaving a lasting impression of the possibilities offered by the development. This was achieved through botanical touches, realistic lifestyle styling, layered textures and mix-and-match fabrics. 

Large-scale florals sit amongst classic pinstripes and frilled trims, giving each room its own story through a distinctive design. Statement panelling add sophistication and grandeur, whilst the mix of contemporary and traditional furniture grounds the look, creating an interesting stylistic contrast. 

We are lucky enough to have an inhouse artist within the design team who added a touch of personalisation to the childrens bedroom through a hand painted mural capturing the colours seen through the windows of the first floor.

“Using earthy tones and textured brush strokes, I was able to create a detailed, bespoke hand painted wall mural in the children’s bedroom which reflected the surrounding country scene at winslow. This tied in to the woodland theme of the children’s bedroom and created a stand out feature piece within the space which draws you in and catches your eye with its small intricate detailing” – Charlotte Cook, Interior Designer 

Throughout the show home, we focused on creating a narrative that emphasised the joys of homeownership, from cosy gatherings to leisurely countryside strolls. The final human touches included flour scattered on the kitchen table to evoke imagery of baking, whilst vintage antiques from charity shops accompany high street pieces to help to build a story and authentic homely feel. Through this strategic staging, we aimed to paint a vivid picture of the aspirational, yet attainable lifestyle awaiting prospective buyers at Winslow Park.