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L&Q, Barking Riverside, Marketing Suite

The marketing suite at L&Q’s Barking Riverside development.

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Barking Riverside




Barking, Essex

Date of completion

September 2018

How we helped

The brief needed to cover a huge array of information and needs for such a prestigious site. Located along the banks of the River Thames, covering 443-acres, Barking Riverside will include 10,800 new homes of mixed size and style.

There is also provision for 65,000 square metres of commercial floor space for shopping, restaurants, cafés, community and leisure facilities, healthcare and schools. With the marketing suite being located next to the Ecology Centre for the site, a large inspiration was to come from the green spaces and sustainability.

What was achieved

The building takes on a striking form making sure it’s a focal point to head to when entering the site. Made up of three sections, in the two side pods the building has been designed to accommodate two competing sales teams for phase 1, whereas the middle pod is to function as an exhibition space to explain the longevity of the scheme. With high internal ceilings and striking structural elements, the architecture takes on a powerful but blank canvas for the development to do all the talking. Externally the building has a large overarching white fabric sail taking inspiration from the shipping docks on the Barking riverside banks.

To create a space that worked like an exhibition room, the internal finishes and design needed to give the feeling of a space to visit. With a seamless floor throughout, the room creates a flowing customer journey from one space to another, giving visitors the freedom to explore.

To bring the outside in, full-height moss walls greet the entrance of the space, working both as an aesthetic element and a natural air cleanser.

Using the brand colours pink and green, the element of greenery in the whole space paired with the striking pink hue creates a contemporary twist.

Alongside the simple design elements, there are also areas designed to aid the sale journey, with soft seating areas, angular sales desks and a private meeting room. In these areas there are acoustic shades, to help keep the noise within the immediate space.