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Countryside, Acton Gardens, Concierge

The concierge at Countryside’s Acton Gardens development.

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Acton Garden




Action, London

Date of completion

September 2018

How we helped

The project was an extension of the marketing suite we designed for Acton Gardens and uses marble to create an upmarket feel, combined with warm woods to create a welcoming contrast.

On-trend palm leaf print, alongside rich golds, inspired this space. Gold and black metallic elements add another dimension to the space combined with soft velvet fabrics to soften the area.

What was achieved

The main feature of the space was a drop in ceiling raft to break up the 6-metre interior ceiling height. The angled raft was designed to run in line with the angled flooring change. The raft incorporates grey slats running into the space and down the wall at varying heights, with recessed LEDs fitted into the voided areas. This feature creates a lovely soft light across the back half of the space.

Additional lighting comprised of 2 gold multi-arm chandeliers which fill the space with light from the 6 vintage bulbs on each arm. The angled desk runs in line with the flooring change and is finished in marble to blend in with the marble floor tiles. Gold letterboxes with black framework are a great feature in the space.